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Our Goal

It is the UofL Graduate Business Alumni Council’s goal to build and nurture a community of like-minded, high-achieving individuals who are interested in fostering relationships amongst themselves and in the community, that will drive return on investment. These alumni are tied together by their shared experience of completing a graduate business program at the University of Louisville. All graduate business alumni are welcome to participate in the Council. Other interested parties may include current and former staff, as well as program partnerships.

The University as a whole has a strong tradition of cultivating meaningful and lasting relationships with its alumni, and, as such, the Council serves to deepen that relationship.

In an increasingly competitive workforce environment, as an individual, as well as a city-to-city basis, it is important to have a strong Graduate Business Alumni Council that will champion the value of a UofL graduate business degree for current and future graduates. A strong and vibrant Alumni Council has the potential to influence employers already located in Louisville, as well as companies considering the River City as a potential new home.

Meet the Team

2019 - 2020 Board

Ashley Brandt – President 

Alex Lovan – Past President/Board of Advisers Liaison 

Bob Bumann –Finance Chair  

Taylor Davis - Marketing Chair  

Jimmy Black - Fundraising Chair   

Ben Donlon - Golf Scramble Chair 

George Fischer 

Tyler Speer 

Jordan Morris 

Kevin Bauman 

Ben Doninger 

Emalee Morley 

Kayla Baya 

Kourtney Moody 

Zak Shankland 

David Padron 

Interested in joining us?

There is plenty of room on the board for new faces and fresh ideas. Send us a note by clicking the button to tell us where your interests lie and join us!